The Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Jiansheng Education Industrial Zone


The Ribbon-cutting Ceremony of Jiansheng Educational Industrial Zone(including Zhangzhou Jiansheng Furniture Co.,Ltd, Zhangzhou Istudy Kids Commodity Co.,Ltd, Xiamen Istudy Kids Commodity Co.,Ltd , Fujian Shengyu Educational Technology Co.,Ltd, Zhangzhou Guangyi Plastic Products Co.,Ltd) was held in 9am, 23rd March 2019. The company invited the long-term cooperative partners home and abroad to witness such important moment.

After the firecrackers, the chairman Mr. Lin Jianhua and his wife Ms. Ye guiyu, together with the parners: Mr Lv Delin Hongkong, guests from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Gana, ,Australia etc, do the Ribbon-cutting for Jiansheng Educational Industrial Zone.

Mr. Lin Jianhua made a statement and sincerely thanked all the customers from home and abroad for their long-term support, thanked for the family support, also he expressed his thanks to all the colleagues who is working hard for Jiansheng.

After the ceremony, the guests from home and abroad together with chairman Mr. Lin Jianhua planted “Jiansheng friendship tree”, a symbol of cooperation and friendship between two sides. Each tree represents the joint development progress and future between Jiansheng and the customers, also shows the expectation to the future cooperation.

After tree-planting ceremony, all the guests visited the office building, sample rooms and manufacturing plants together.

As the introduction of the staff, the annual capacity of new Jiansheng Education Industrial Park will reach 1000000 sets. Until 2018, the cumulative sales volume of student desk chairs / school desk and chairs produced by Jiansheng had reached 10000000 sets, which was a considerable data in the international education furnitureindustry.

The housewarming celebration was held in 5 pm and the representatives home and abroad were invited to made speeches.

The chairman Ahmed EI Shawy from EduFun Educational LLC represented the customers abroad of Jiansheng to make a speech. I have witness and follow up the success story of JS group from  small factory  ofL.Dotor to a mega factory complex exporting to 108 countries world wide. I  know Jack and his factory since 1998 and have follow up the development all theses years.  L.Doctor  factory  , starts with very basic design, developed  into more ergonomic and new  designs . Targeting tuff markets and competitions, JS have joint forces with ESCO Australia   to   develop   modern  furniture design concepts  that allow JS now to target never reached markets before. There is no difference between people form a development countries and form developing countries . They all have dreams , and they all can achieve it if they want . At the end I would like to congratulate jack for the opening of new  JS  production  complex , thanks his wife for being behind him and , thanks all there team the work with him in  building and releasing this dream . Wish you all the best .                                                                             

In the end. Reporters from Xiamen TV made an interview with chairman Lin Jianhua and he said: no matter how Jiansheng develops, we will insist on educational furniture field and continually provide healthy and reliable study desk chairs to the international students and kids.

Jiansheng will not change his mind: Make Study Fun and Healthy”

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