The leaders of Longwen district, Zhangzhou city visited the new manufacturing base of Jiansheng


The leaders of Longwen disctrict, Zhangzhou city visited the new manufacturing base of Jiansheng in 9th Jan. 2019 afternoon.

The deputy of Longwen district Lin Weiqiang, director of Bureau of Commerce Yang Dongli and other district leaders warmly asked the detailed construction process of the new manufacturing base and the working schedule after the new year. They paid a great attention to the brand building of Jiansheng’s school furniture and study table, and hoped us to develop own brand, Zhangzhou brand, Fujian Brand.

During this period, deputy Lin. also wondered if Jiansheng furniture had enjoyed the subsidies and support for refunding export taxes, export trade show, Canton Fair, etc. Lin Yongqiang, vice-manager of Jiansheng said that company strategy will follow the Belt and Road initiative and actively attend the trade show along the line. In 2018, Jiansheng had attended relative trade show in Indonesia, Thailand, India and other “Road and Belt” countries. In 2019, the company management will continuously put more energy into countries and markets along the line.

In the end, deputy Lin. and director Yang. came to the warehouse and viewed the design of school furniture. Especially, they highly praised the ESCO combined-concept furniture that joint-ventured with Australia company. They also expressed their approval and encouragement to Jiansheng’s bravely introducing new study furniture.

As for the newly building factory, Jiansheng will be dedicated to make it as a manufacturing base for school furniture and study furniture, as well as a brand birthplace. Also Jiansheng will popularize the Fujian local brand and Chinese brand L.DOCTOR and ISTUDY to the domestic markets and international markets.

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