Official announcement| ISTUDY also has entered the common people ISTUDY CCTV advertising official start!


After CCTV's strict inspection of brand qualification and quality safety, ISTUDY has obtained the right to broadcast CCTV advertisements. Since today (October 27), ISTUDY promotion video has been launched on CCTV, which will be broadcast in CCTV2 dialogue, CCTV4 China news, national treasure archives, and CCTV10 discovery.

In order to stretch the brand value, enhance the brand awareness and reputation, ISTUDY's ridge protection study table and ridge protection study chair will appear in the whole country one by one, and go into thousands of households, so as to further promote the popularity of ISTUDY spine protection products. At the same time, the promotional video of ISTUDY will also be launched synchronously on the large LED screen in Beijing railway station.

Istudy LED advertisement in Beijing station

CCTV is a national communication media platform. It is extremely strict in the quality audit of broadcasting brands and has strict brand and product audit standards. Today, the successful broadcast of Istudy  brand publicity video is not only the recognition of the  Istudy brand, but also the affirmation of the quality of spine care products.

After 15 years, Istudy has formed a one-stop system integrating r&d, production, sales and service. Istudy intelligent industrial park is one of the largest manufacturers of school supplies in China. It is also one of the largest independent and industry-leading intelligent children's table and chair industrial park enterprises, providing a strong backing for brand development and product quality.

Besides the strong r&d team behind ISTUDY spine care products, the establishment of "spine care expert advisory group" also provides a solid theoretical foundation for the scientific nature of the products. ISTUDY hired three medical professors, bo-lai Chen, fei-zhou lu and jing cheng deng, to guide and test the scientific nature of each product. We hope to provide comfortable writing and reading environment for children and prevent spine problems of children and adolescents caused by improper writing posture and sitting posture.


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