I-Study Won The 2018 Hong Kong Most Popular Brand Award


In July 2018, the "2018 (5th) Hong Kong's Most Popular Brands" election event, which was highly regarded by the industry, was held in Hong Kong. With its own quality and strength, the i-study brandwon the "2018 Hong Kong's most popular brand." "Honor Award.

This award is another milestone recognition of i-study with its own quality and influence since winning the “China (Study Desk) Consumers' Favorite Brand” award.

Brands are becoming more and more important for companies from all walks of life. This time, the 2018 (5th) Hong Kong's most popular brand has once again confirmed the recognition of consumers for i-study products and services. In the future, i-study will further Taking advantage of the brand, we will continue to introduce more high-quality products, create a healthy learning environment for children around the world, and protect the children on the road to healthy growth.

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