ISTUDY kids study table chair—Make your children develop a good posture

Nowadays, more and more parents pay great attention to their children’s sitting posture. They will immediately stop them when they see children lying on the side or on the bed, however there are still some posture problems like chest backward, curved spine, etc.

Why so? Normally parents will emphasize the posture acting from kids once there are some problems on it, but the key factor they ignored is the study table chair itself. Parents buy the study table chair when the kids are in kindergarten or primary school. Kids grow up everyday, but the height of study table chair isn’t made any changed. So kids unconsciously adjust themselves to fit the study table. As time passes there will be problems like humpback, chest backward, arch the back and so on, which will cause myopia, spine problem.

So it is very important to choose a scientific, suitable and flexible study table chair for kids! Istudy wisdom table chair is the exact one. It is combined with such ideas as ergonomics, body mechanics, aesthetics in design. Based on principles "height adjustable, tilt controllable, adaptive", such study desk can be height adjusted to fit kids’ growth, not just make kids to fit them. Such design fully shows Istudy’s ergonomic ideas to study table chair.

Ergonomic kids study table and chair

In short,parents should well know that kids growth details can not be ignored,for such details will become a hidden danger to kids healthy growth. When parents choose the study desk, they should take "desk fit kids" as principles. As the same time, parents should also train kids to develop a correct sitting posture and behavior habits, to guarantee kids’ healthy growth.

kids study table

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