Great news! iStudy has formed up a chiropractic team, three Doctors of Chiropractic join us!


In the last few days, iStudy engaged three chiropractor professor to be consultants on protecting children's spine. They will test, guide iStudy products from a chiropractic perspective, to make sure all iStudy products can provide children spine protection. The three doctors of chiropractic and iStudy will work together to protect the spine health for our children.

According to statistics, 68% of young children in China currently have problems with spinal problems. More than 5 million young children have scoliosis, and they are increasing at an annual rate of 300,000. Spinal health problems have gradually become myopia and mental health. The third-biggest killer of teenagers after the problem.

It is imperative to promote the problem of spine in young children and children. For this reason, the study has been conducted for several years. The results of the survey showed that scoliosis occurred in adolescents between the ages of 11 and 16 years, accounting for about 80% of the incidence of scoliosis. At this time, the adolescents are in the developmental stage, and it is easy to cause spinal deformity and lumbar muscle strain due to improper sitting posture. In addition, improper sitting posture will lead to a decrease in the stability of the spine. Uneven forces are borne by the vertebrae and intervertebral discs, joint capsules, and ligaments, which in turn cause the scoliosis.

Adolescents are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and the heavy responsibility of the future of the country, the destiny of the nation, and the happiness of the people. In 2016, the state issued the “Healthy China 2030 Plan”, which clearly requires “the development of a physical health intervention plan for special groups such as adolescents”.

Practice corporate social responsibility and curb spine health problems. After drawing the results of the survey, Love Learning immediately started product technology innovation and committed to making the next generation of Chinese people straightforward.

In 2004, at the beginning of the establishment of I-study, it took the lead to adopt pure mechanical lifting rods, so that the young people can adjust to the most comfortable height when using them, avoiding the problem of sitting posture caused by the incompatibility of tables and chairs, and making a solid foundation for creating a healthy learning environment. One step is to become the "first person" in the industry to care for the spine of young people.

In 2008, I-study creatively and realized that “the desktop angle can be adjusted freely” and became the pioneer of the “desktop space barrier-free design” in the field of learning tables;

In 2011, I-study the original "M" chair legs, based on the ergonomic concept, to make young children sit more stable and more comfortable;

In 2013, I-study and researching and developing “encircling double backrest”. The reasonable backrest is consistent with the curvature of the spine. According to the healthy human back curve design, 105° adaptive adjustment, dispersing the spinal pressure;

In 2015, I-study will design the desktop board to be 0°-30° panel tilt angle according to big data statistics, help children find the most favorable angle of their own desk, and let the healthy learning environment accompany the children to grow up;

In 2017, I-study to use the new Genius Smart Lift System, which allows your child to adjust the table and chairs to the most comfortable height in just one second.

In 2018, I-study Intelligent Industrial Park was officially put into operation, covering an area of more than 100 acres. It is the first intelligent industrial park in the industry to manufacture learning tables and chairs. It is also the only enterprise in the industry that owns an industrial park.

I believe that this I-study and the combination of three top domestic experts can more professionally provide guidance and solutions for children's spine health problems. In the future, I-study will also take the mission of “helping young children and children to learn happily and grow up healthily” and respond to the national guidelines and policies with the most positive attitude to protect the healthy growth of young children!

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