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Contribute to our love, care for welfare homes -ISTUDY

“Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families” is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation and has spread for thousands of years. On 28th July, 2018, the volunteers of Zhangzhou Jiansheng Furniture company International Marketing Team entered the Zhangzhou Social Welfare Institute to bring love and condolences to the elderly and children.

Under the enthusiasm of Teacher Wang of the Welfare Institute, volunteers visited the living quarters and study areas of elderly and orphaned children. In the process of visiting them, it is obvious that the elderly and children are cheering when we arrival. Especially when we give gifts, some old people even have tears in their eyes, they say "thank you" to us always.

At the time of condolences to the Children's Department, as a long-term concern and practitioner of education,the head of the business department, Mr. Liang, he specifically consulted the special education teachers about education issues for children (teaching courses, learning environment, school furniture and daily life and Teaching difficulties and so on). Teacher  Fang said that there is an urgent need for some tables and chairs that can give students a manual class, because at present the children say that they are doing manual teaching on the floor. Mr. Liang said: "An important part of Jiansheng Furniture company's corporate values is "win-win, contribution". The development of the company is inseparable from the society. Enterprises must give back to the society and actively assume social responsibility."  As the largest manufacturer of school desks and chairs in China, we are committed to providing some desks and chairs for children in welfare homes and teacher Wang expressed his thanks.

Because of the space problem, we have not been able to have more in-depth contact with the children, but through this event, we realize that there are still many people in the community who need to care, We hope that everyone can cherish the existing life and help people who need help as much as we can.

In fact, our team is not the only volunteer who came to consecrate the welfare home. We also find 3 other volunteers come to condolences at least, love is everywhere. Today we are doing simple and enjoyable things, maybe in other places, we will reap the same love. Kindness must be good, love is the sail, love is proud, let us continue to sail.

“Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families”, Jiansheng furniture company will continue to uphold and carry forward such ideas and make more contributions to society.

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