Why do we use adjustable table and chairs


In many areas, the old fashioned desk and chair design has not been elaborated.The desks and chairs have been used for generations, but in the end we found that many students have different degrees of hunchback and myopia. Many time we simply emphasize the students' normal sitting posture, coordinate the protection of the body and vision, but we ignore the children's hardware facilities around us. We all know that sitting posture is not easy to cause hunchback and vision loss,but we ignore the students. When sitting for a long time and writing homework, the body is adapted to the height of the desk and chair, not the height of the desk and chair to adapt to the height of the student.

Long-term use of high desks and chairs for teenagers and children will cause students to use eye distances too close, so that students' vision will drop rapidly and form myopia. On the contrary, if the desks are too short, the students will suffer fro waist and neck fatigue, resulting in spinal deformity and hunchback. Adolescents and children are at a critical stage of growth an development. Incorrect sitting postures are most likely to cause diseases such as abnormal curvature of the spine.

In actual learning life, the height of desks and chairs does not match the height of students: most of the primary and secondary schools are in grades. Using the same type of desks and chairs, the table and chairs in the lower grades of the primary school are high, the tables and chairs in the middle school are low,and the individual design is not enough. You can choose not enough varieties, and you can choose different sizes according to the grade and the height of the students. There are almost no schools for tables and chairs. Therefore, for different primary and secondary schools and colleges, our students' desks and chairs should be designed with different ergonomic desks and chairs according to the age of students.

The ISTUDY study table is a design table designed by our design team for young children It is a table that can be raised and lowered, is suitable for children to learn,and can be adjusted according to the height of different children. Parents ca equip their children with a professional study table. According to their height,they can easily and conveniently adjust the high-level study tables and chairs. Cultivate a good learning habit and give your child a healthy development.

Ergonomics study table

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