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I grew up using a coffee table as my study table.

Right, it probably didn't work out too badly considering how I miraculously managed to ace my exams up till university. Nonetheless, I remember those days of bending my back till it ached, dozing off on the sofa, being distracted by the TV and burning the midnight oil whenever exams were near. Admittedly, on more days than one, I wished that I had a proper study area, a small space which would belong to me and a place where I would feel motivated to do my revision.

Well, since I couldn't really make this wish come true in time for myself, I wanted to make sure that it came true for my kids. In our previous home, the girls would do their homework on a kids' table or use the dining table from time to time. We didn't really have space to dedicate to them to use as a study, so when we shifted to our new nest, I was over the moon that I finally had the chance to fulfill that childhood dream - set up a dedicated area that has minimal distraction, is quiet and has all the equipment, space and furniture for the sole purpose of studying.  If you haven't read about the tour of our study, be sure to check out our self-designed, custom-made library tree with a hand painted backdrop .

We've all heard of the word 'ergonomic' but what does it really mean? The word ergonomics is derived from two Greek words: ergon (meaning work) and nomoi (meaning natural laws). It is the science of fitting the work to the individual instead of forcing the individual to fit the work. Ergonomic furniture thereby refers to furniture that helps to provide the user with greater comfort than traditional furniture and in doing so, makes him/her more effective and able to accomplish more.

If you are looking for ways to help your child promote good posture, reduce back and neck aches and aid in concentration, a good ergonomic table and chair will be the way to go. We've never owned any piece of ergonomic furniture until now and having let the kids try out the study tables and chairs in the last couple of months, I have to say that we are loving the experience and thankful for the invention of ergonomics.

kids ergonomic desk

To share with you something which I find quite unbelievable, while the girls still love to play in their spare time, they've also taken the initiative to suggest that they would like to read, do homework or do their assessment books on some days. I mean, like seriously? Well, of course, I'm just too happy to let them and I'm glad that these two actually look forward to doing school work for now. I think a lot of credit has to go to their functional, appealing and cosy study area - which will not be possible without the ergonomic tables and chairs. Here's sharing why we love our Istudy (kids ergonomic desk for homework)sets.

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