Adjusting a Kids Ergonomic Study Table


Adjusting a Kids Ergonomic Study Table

When buying kids ergonomic study table, keep in mind of the table’s dimensions and its adjustable height measurements. This will give you an accurate idea of the size of the table and for what age is suitable. It is important to choose a study table designed for a specific range of age. A common mistake many parents make is buying a bigger table so they can save some money on replacing it once the child is older. For healthy body development, the table should be the right size and regularly adjusted to fit one’s body’s needs. Expect to adjust your child’s study table at least once a year.

When adjusting the table’s height, make sure your child’s feet are supported, meaning that your child’s feet should touch the ground. If it is not possible, consider buying an ergonomic footrest. When sitting, knees should be forming a 0-60 degree angle. There should also be a comfortable 0-60degree angle of elbows resting on the table. If your child is working on the computer, make sure that the screen is at least 20cm distance from the viewing. To achieve an optimally correct posture, pair the ergonomic study table with an ergonomic study chair. An example of this is our S100B kids ergonomic study table set.

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