Activity Theme: Launch Ceremony of PK competition of Alibaba new trade festival


Activity Theme: Launch Ceremony of PK competition of Alibaba new trade festival

Objective: Increase morale and business tension

Time: September 1, 2019 - September 30, 2019

Teams: Divided into A (alliance team) and B (emergency team)

Before the activity, all the staff of international marketing read Memorial on Sending Out the Troops, which opened the prelude for this activity.

First of all, I would like to introduce team A, their name is the league team, their slogan is "accurate breakthrough, fighting for first class", after Shouting the slogan, the morale is very strong, I hope you can be like the soldiers in the front line, accurate breakthrough every customer, and create better performance

Next let me introduce team B, their name is the charge team, their slogan is "charge and charge, achieve another peak", after Shouting the slogan, the team is full of confidence, hope you can like your team name, rush and achieve another peak.

After slogans, should we have something?

Yes, our international Marketing Department manager Daniel prepare the zhuang xing wine (red bull instead), wish all of international department sales can have a good score in the PK competition

At last, Mr. Liang zhengwei, our deputy general manager, expressed his best wishes to all of sales. “I hope you can build up your morale and fight for the first place in the PK competition in the next one month. I also hope you can harvest a lot and create another peak...

Want to know the later results, please stay tuned.

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